Gail Gilman & David Elansky -- "My husband and I had to write to you and tell you how lucky we were to find you. We were lost when we had the water damage to our house. The insurance company treated us like we were a burden to them for filing a claim.

The adjuster came out to the house and measured the damages. He sent his report to the company and we were paid only $8,000.00. Once you came to the house and pointed out the under-scoped, undervalued estimate, we decided to retain you on the spot.

Your work resulted in a recovery of $66,000.00. You had remarked all along the carrier would pay exactly what's owed once the appraisal was completed. It was amazing to watch you apply logic and your 30 plus years of experience you have, all the while detailing the damages to the mediator. Within days we got the appraisal award and were stunned how close it was to your $72,000.00 offer to settle the matter early on.

Please tell all your potential clients to call us for a recommendation. Anyone who thinks that their insurance company will protect them will be amazed how much recovery value you bring to the table." -- Avon, Connecticut

Gil Fazio -- "It was important for me to write to you and thank you for a job well done. I was insured by Travelers Insurance and suffered a terrible loss. As you know, the weight of snow from a sudden snow storm on October 31st, caused a large tree limb to come crashing into the roof. It opened a gaping hole and caused substantial damages.

Travelers came out to inspect the damages and paid me for the repairs. I was suspect of the $12,000.00 payment. I had been getting repair estimates that vastly exceeded what Travelers paid me. I feel vindicated after hiring you to appraise my damages.

Once the matter went to appraisal, you were able to settle the case for $41,000.00. That was a huge difference from my insurance company's original assessment.

I am thankful you were able to convince me to use you and recommend anyone who has a claim to call you, hire you and watch you force the insurance company to pay exactly what is owed." -- West Hartford, Connecticut

The Board of Directors, Isla Merita Condominiums  -- "On behalf of Isla Merita Condominiums, we want to thank you for your services.
Our clubhouse was demolished from hurricane Wilma, it has been dormant since October 2005.
Since your company got us an excellent settlement award, we can now restore it properly.

Finally we can feel a sense of community again. We will definitely recommend you to as many people as possible.

Thank you again for a job well done!" -- Davie, Florida

Warren Issacs, Isaacs Trucking -- "It was indeed a pleasure to have you as our appraiser and estimator. We find it so hard to believe that our insurance company tried to low-ball us and refused to make the proper payments associated with our hurricane Katrina claim.

I know you flew to Mississippi many, many times to meet with them and resolve our claim after presenting them with your estimate. Your skills are a tribute to your years of experience and ability to read into the insurance companies’ “invisible language” that they tried to use on us.

After months of wrangling, our insurance company finally was forced to go to appraisal. You demonstrated that you were a force to be reckoned with. Collecting an additional amount in excess of about two hundred thousand dollars was no miracle; it was the voice of reason and your expertise.

It is too bad that every insurance policy holder does not know of you and your firm.
Thanks for all your time, effort and energy that you personally put into our claim." -- Gulfport, Mississippi

Sidney Miller -- "It's too bad that you weren't involved at the beginning. You took a situation which seemed to be going downhill, righted it and finally brought it to a close. No thanks to Tower Hill (AXA)!! Thank You." -- Delray Beach, Florida

Larry Clark -- "I just wanted to let you know how thankful my family is to you. Your services went beyond what anyone could imagine. Having been lost in a world of repeated misstatements and intentional delays by State Farm after our hurricane Katrina claim, we thought we would never collect anything else other than State Farm’s disingenuous offers and unilateral payment.

As you know our home was severely battered by hurricane Katrina. Our own insurance company shunned our claim and we were lost until we heard of you and asked you to come by and evaluate our damages.

On your very first visit you pointed out overlooked roof framing damages that were present yet ignored by our adjuster. After meeting with them, within days of your initial visit, we were stunned to see a complete change in their attitude. Instead of placing almost all the blame on the “flooding” they claimed caused the damage, you quickly changed their thoughts and re-opened our claim.

It was a direct result of your appraisal of damages to our property that resulted in an unbelievable amount of additional payments. We are truly grateful for all your efforts and everyone should learn from our experience that you should never accept a settlement, from any insurance company, without professional assistance like yours.
From my entire family, thank you ever so much for “being there for us.”" -- Gulfport, Mississippi

Mark & Tamsin Freeman -- "You did an excellent job and, most important, you followed through." -- Boca Raton, Florida

Ida Geronazzo -- "I was so desperate for help after being left out in the cold by State Farm. I was glad to meet you. Although the ordeal was longer than expected, the advice and assistance you gave me was invaluable. State Farm only paid me $25,000.00 in damages and you came along and got an award of $121,070.39. It was well worth the wait and I believe everyone who buys a home should have your name in case they ever have a flood or fire. Thank you again for ALL your help." -- Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Frank & Janet White -- "I don't know what we would have done without your company. After searching for help we were glad to meet you and accept your offer to help us. Nationwide only paid us just under $267,000.00 for a total fire loss, after what seemed like an eternity, you were able to take the claim to appraisal and collect an additional $237,000.00. We don't know how you did it, but we were truly blessed and we finally got resolution to the claim. We would highly recommend you to everyone who has an insurance claim." -- Lowgap, North Carolina

James Parker -- "Both my wife and I thank you ever so much for helping us collect on all the damages that were owed to us. State Farm only paid us $2,700.00 and you helped collect a total of $69,000.00. We are most thankful and now we can finally fix our home correctly." -- Pembroke Pines, Florida

Attorney Neil G. Taylor -- “Less than three months after your engagement, an agreed Appraisal Award of $350,000.00 was entered, more than twice the amount Citizens offered and, with attorney’s fees and costs, it will most likely total more than three times the amount Citizens offered to settle the claim. Lastly, your character and professionalism remained outstanding throughout the matter and never once did you seek to or suggest we travel on any road other than the high one. You were easy to deal with, dependable, and very responsive. Watching you bring Citizens to its knees was extremely gratifying. On behalf of Mr. Zayden and myself, I want to thank you for a job well done.” -- Miami, Florida

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