Structural Damage Assessment for Residential Properties:

Our assignment or contract with you may differ as we can be retained strictly for writing a structural damage assessment (Damage Estimate) for your property. We can be hired to write only an estimate on an hourly or flat rate fee. This allows you to compare what the insurance company's offer is based on our independent evaluation of the damages.

If retained as appraisers, this service is included in our representation. In very few instances we will have additional assistance such as a structural engineer help establish what the scope of damages are and how to best repair the property.


Structural Damage Assessment for Commercial Properties:

Commercial properties are complex & have several issues such as complex overages. We offer a full inspection of the subject property and author a written estimate. The estimate we write might exclude certain coverages that we do not warranty nor guaranty. The estimate is merely to guide you to what is reasonable and projects the costs of repairs. We must expound on the fact that we DO NOT act as your public adjuster we simply tell you what the cost of the construction should be. It can then be compared to what your insurance company has offered you by way of their estimate. Depending on the complexity we might suggest the employment of a structural engineer to help establish our opinions.

Commercial claims have many layers of coverage and exclusions. Having the ability to root out what would be needed to present your damages is what we specialize in. We find the most economical way to process your damage estimate and get it to the carrier actually placing them on notice. The process we have allows you to call your carrier at the early stages of the claim and question them what they value your loss at.

We travel around the entire Country doing this and it has proven results. Not all estimates can be produced "in record time," Sometimes the carrier will offer something that they do not recognize and this is the opportunity to "explore their strategy." Timing is critical and that's why you need to employ us early on.

(It should be clearly understood that the word estimate is just that, it is not intended to be an exact cost. Exact costs need to be by way of a contract with a repair contractor.)


Insurance Claims Consulting:

We have expert opinions for all types of property damage claims. This might include phone conversations or an onsite visit to your property and help you evaluate your specific needs. It's difficult to give broad brushed reasons to have a consultation but we would point out deficiencies that we think directly relate to your specific needs. We are not licensed insurance agents; we do offer opinions for amounts that your property should be insured for based on what you tell us the values might be. Many carriers have "hidden exclusions" that you need to be made aware of. Having years of experience we can help you avoid pitfalls of certain exclusions.

Asking for our involvement early can help with the pitfalls of “invisible policy language” that some carriers employ. While you should always cooperate with your insurance company, there is no defense to the absolute truth.


Contents Inventory:

We offer is a full line of contents reports associated with a loss event. This type of service would be included with an appraisal assignment. We ask you to help us list everything that was damaged or destroyed. We then print out a report that includes the amount you claim and a computer generated costs by showing the current market costs for similar items if not the actual replacement costs.

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