Jeff Pellet victorious against Citizens
A Third District Court of Appeals Judge denies Citizens' motions seeking to vacate an order confirming an appraisal award. MORE

Attorney General files lawsuit against six large insurance companies alleging price-fixing
Attorney General Charles Foti filed a lawsuit in Orleans Parish Civil District Court late Wednesday alleging collusion, price-fixing and anti-trust violations by six major insurance companies - including Allstate and State Farm - as well as the firms that manufacture their claims-processing software, and the companies that offer them advice or collect their data. MORE

Consumer group rips insurance industry
Claim: Companies overcharge an average of $870 per U.S. household. U.S. insurance companies systematically overcharge customers and underpay home and auto claims to pad their already-fat bottom lines, a consumer group said Thursday. MORE

Homeowners battle insurance companies over loss claims
Claim: After the devastation of the California wildfires last October and record damage from hurricane Katrina, you'd think the homeowners insurance industry would be struggling. But you'd be wrong. Insurance companies are reeling in record profits -- making more money than at any time in their history. MORE


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