Dr. Theodore and Margaret Bloukos

The property belonging to Dr. Theodore and Margaret Bloukos was damaged by Hurricane Wilma. On November 23, 2005 Boca Raton building and zoning official, Mr. T. Donovan inspected their home and posted a red tag notice thereby declaring the structure to be unsafe. The building department said there was extensive damage equal to 40% of the total value of the property. That meant in the eyes of the city building department the house was totaled. The insurance carrier disagreed with the city and dug their heels in. The carrier’s obstinate position was evident by the fact that they never offered any payment to the insured. The policy holders then contracted with a public adjuster. He submitted an estimate of $809,145.32 which the carrier refused.

After substantial delay on the part of the carrier the Bloukos decided to invoke the appraisal clause and retain our services on August 10, 2006. The insurance carrier named their appraiser and the matter finally went to appraisal after substantial delays by the carrier. We tried in earnest to negotiate an amount that was agreeable to both parties but the gap was too wide. Therefore both parties agreed to use a neutral umpire, we were successful and an award was issued.

Additionally this claim has gone to litigation as a bad faith suit. The homeowner is suing for extra contractual obligations claiming the carrier neglected to make any offers during the life of the claim.

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