Case Study 1 -- Phil Sigel

Phil Sigel lives in an exclusive gated community in Coral Gables Florida where modest home prices begin at $1.5 million. Mr. Sigel sustained damages from Hurricane Katrina and his insurance carrier paid nothing claiming little assessed damage and that the amount was less than his applicable deductible. Then Hurricane Wilma damaged his house and again his insurance carrier “low balled” the damage assessment.


Case Study 2 -- Dr Theodore and Margaret Bloukos

Dr Theodore and Margaret Bloukos live in a 2 story pier and beam home in a high end residential area of Boca Raton Florida. Nine months after damage from Hurricane Wilma (10/24/05) the carrier’s adjuster offered a fraction of what the owners felt was a correct. They felt the offer was a slap in the face given the fact Boca Raton’s building and zoning department posted an “unsafe structure” notice on their door.


Case Study 3 -- 3rd and 4th Horizons Condo Complex

3rd and 4th Horizons, two buildings in North Miami, sustained damage from Hurricane Wilma. The insurance carrier claimed building identified as number three warranted only $2,996.68 in damages and nothing for the building identified as number four since the amount was below their deductible.


Case Study 4 -- Rental Property Owners in Miami

The Insureds own two rental properties that sustained damage from Hurricane Wilma. After receiving a low ball offer from their insurance company they engaged our services.


Case Study 5 -- Dr. Gorm & Margaret Hansen

Dr Gorm and Margaret Hansen own a single family home in Lighthouse Point, Florida that was damaged by Hurricane Wilma. We were engaged after the insurance carrier made an offer that the insured felt was an insulting.


Case Study 6 -- Miguel & Paula Yasser

Miguel and Puala Yasser’s single family home in North Miami, Florida suffered damage from Hurricane Wilma. Citizens Property Insurance offered a settlement that the insured felt was woefully inaccurate.


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