About Us

Our services consist of a full range of expert damage estimates for residential and commercial properties. We have a combined 54 years of “on staff” experience in the claim adjustment, reconstruction, estimating, and claim settlement fields. Our services are specifically tailored to fit your needs. From the inception of a claim we can assist you and provide a full range of services that you need. Protection from “low-ball estimates,” unfair offers of damages and a wide range of hidden tricks some insurance companies employ.

We played these games years ago and the level of playing has gotten even higher in today’s profit driven market. Our firm is well versed in today’s fluctuating claims market. Our business is stronger than ever with people (or victims, as we say) who continually call for our help daily.

The expertise we bring to the table outshines our competitors. Legal experts are at our disposal for you to help you maximize your claim in the most cost effective manner. We ensure the carrier operates fairly at all times by making them aware of their obligation at no additional cost to you.

Having the most modern technology in computer software, and hardware keeps us way out in front of the “others.” Don’t be a victim twice.

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